This Morning, My Bed Was Like a Womb.

Posted: May 7, 2012 in LifeTime Fitness, Weight loss, Working out

Thanks, Bill Hicks, for that analogy. So true.

As I lay in bed, having been up a few times in the night already (new baby), the alarm kicked in at 6.45am and I slammed the snooze button like it was a mosquito sucking blood on my arm.

The weather outside was quite British. Cold, dreary, drizzly, overcast and grey. Fine, except I live in Colorado. And I’m used to waking up with sunshine in my eyes. When it’s cold outside, the frightened gym rat inside me shrinks even further away. I really didn’t want to go.

But having not dropped any real weight in a few weeks, I got my arse out of bed, put on my gym gear and drive to LifeTime Fitness for the start of another week’s painful working out. At least LTF is welcoming. I dabbled with 24 Hour Fitness a few years ago. I went once. The locker room was tiny, no fresh towels (bring your own), bring your own locks, and work out in a room full of meatheads with veins the size of dreadlocks. Oh, and the smell.

Anyway, thanks to being part of a groovy gym, I managed to pound my way through 30 mins of hard elliptical training, burning 511 calories. A little off my usual 530 for the same time.

The weight training was the same story. All of my usual weight/rep totals were proving too hard for me, and I was falling short on reps all over the place. 10 instead of 12. 55lbs instead of 60. THe only bright spot was the tricep pulldown, which I exceeded, doing 50lbs for 15 reps x 3, instead of 12. So, way to go triceps!

I drank some protein shale after, and then drove to work feeling chuffed that I had done it, but a little down that I was not on form. Maybe it’s just the Monday morning thing. Who knows. But now, work beckons.


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