Finally…1 Whole Pound Comes Off!

Posted: May 16, 2012 in About me, Measurements, Weight loss, Working out

I’ve been fluctuating between 205lbs and 207lbs since the 3rd week of my new healthy eating and exercise lifestyle. And it’s not easy getting up early, with bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep (new baby) to hit the gym for an hour every morning, and see NOTHING change on the scale. I mean, sometimes it goes up!

So when I got on the scale this morn, I was taken aback to see I had gone from 205.2 to 204.2. I double-checked. It was right.

Hoo – bloody – ray!

It’s not exactly monumental, and I know I’ll get on tomorrow and see 206 or 208, but it’s a new low for me (and a new high).

I also beat a few records of min in the gym today, and struggled with others. There’s a guy at the gym who looks like Thor, except with a Marine’s haircut. Working out near him is quite the ego-bruiser, as he benches the weight of a small country, and I’m struggling over 55lbs barbell curls.

Still, it’s all going in the right direction, and the cardio I can do easy now. I need to up that, but the treadmill is not good for the joints and that means I need another plan. Maybe 30 mins on the stair climber instead of the elliptical.

I usually do 10 mins on it after 30 on the elliptical. But 30 sounds tough, my legs may just buckle. Time will tell.

In other news, I’m addicted to the chili I made the other night. I do love a sweet and spicy chili. MOAR please!


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