Friday, Bad Food. Saturday, The Same. Sunday, good. Monday…better.

Posted: May 21, 2012 in About me, Measurements, Planning, Weight loss, Working out

Oh dear.

Friday, I finally got to see the Avengers. Jolly good it was too. But I had little time to eat before going to see the 6pm show, so I thought I’d be a bit naughty and get a burger and fries from Good Times. I had over 11 calories left, I figured that would be plenty.


It turns out that a Big Daddy burger has over 900 calories in it! And the fries, 400. That’s 1300 calories and it wasn’t even that filling, it was just grease and nastiness.

I also got candy for the movie, a British Lion bar. So I ended that day well over.

On Saturday, I had lunch with one of my girls. And she chose the venue. Jack In The Box.

After looking at the sad salad, I decided a spicy chicken burger would be better. That, with fries, took me to 900 calories. And Saturday is a non-workout day, giving me just 400 left for dinner after I counted in breakfast. Needless to say, I went over again.

Sunday, it was better. We had salads for lunch, and I had cereal for dinner. I was under. And today, lots of fruit and another salad for lunch, and I’m back on track with over 1000 calories left for dinner.

I also worked hard at the gym this morning. LTF is not too busy on Monday mornings (gee, wonder why) so I had no problem getting on any of the equipment I wanted. I also beat a few records, although most reps were the same as last time.

All in all, a good start to the week after a rotten end to the last one. Hoping for some more weight loss/muscle gain over the coming weeks, enough that it really starts to show.


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