33. Oh, What a Number.

Posted: May 29, 2012 in About me, Measurements, Weight loss, Working out

So I went shopping on Friday, at JC Penney and Ross. Because I’m cheap. And I like getting t-shirts for $4 and shorts for $18.

Anyway, the reason I went shopping is because my great, but well-worn, shorts from American Eagle are 34. And they keep sliding down, so much so that I have to tighten the belt to the point where the tops of the shorts looks like some kind of ruching material!

I tried on some 32 shorts, the next common size down. Not yet. Still tight.

But the size 33 shorts, in different brands, fit great.

So, all the working out and sweating and getting up at the crack of dawn is actually starting to payoff! Huzzah and hurrah.

And after cramming 2 hotdogs and 2 cheeseburgers down my gullet on Memorial Day, I felt like that 33 number would not last for long. So I did 45 minutes straight on the elliptical this morn at LTF, burning 760 calories. I followed that with 85 sit ups. I have yet to break 100. I usually do five sets of 20, nail the first 2 reps, and then start to get tired. But it’s a start. And I have to say, without JEFit and MyFitnessPal, I would be lost. They are getting me in great shape, and they’re free!

Still have back pain from the back/bicep/forearm workout on Wednesday. I picked the barbell up wring, and it hurt. I hope it goes away soon. I have another full day to rest (today) before my back workout tomorrow.

Need to take my measurements, it’s been a while. I am hoping I see improvement all over, even slight would be good. Bigger arms, chest, smaller waist etc.

Now…back to the grind.

  1. It’s about progress not perfection and as you’re noticing the inches will eventually fall off, though not as fast as you or I would like. Keep it up and you’ll be shopping again for even smaller duds in no time 😉

    • fitterbrit says:

      Thanks Sean! Sometimes it feels exhausting to work out every day and never see the scale change. But measurements really help. Thanks again for the support.

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