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Of course, I have no idea how accurate the equipment at the gym actually is, but even so it’s a personal record and I’m quite chuffed to hit 4 figures. I also managed to do 105 situps in 5 minutes, adding 5 to my previous total. So I’m making some progress there. 

Yesterday, I raised the weight on a few exercises. I finally graduated to the 3rd weight bench in the free weights room. There are 4 benches. The first is full of weights so light they shouldn’t really by called weights. The second, where I have been for the longest time, is full of weights everyone uses. The go from 15lb to 25lb dumbbells. I am now in the 30lb dumbbell set, which is on bench 3. Bench 4, forget about it. The top end is dumbbells that weight 105lbs! Some guys are doing flys with 105lbs on each arm, and I can’t even pick up one of those dumbbells without groaning. 

So, lots of progress. I took my body fat reading on a new scale. Not so good. About 25%. That translates as about 51lbs of pure fat that I am carrying around. My younger daughter weighs less than that! That’s a whole lot of fat, and I don’t know where exactly it all is, I feel like I have lost quite a bit from my belly. 

I also bought myself a pair of size 32 jeans. I am in a 33 now, but 32 is out there. I have not been in a 32 since I was 19. It will be a trip to fit in those again. Of course, it means that 90% of the jeans I own will need to go to Goodwill, but that’s something I can easily live with. 


So I finally reached a goal today.

Now, by most standards it’s not all that impressive. At the gym I see people knocking our sit ups like they’re reaching for the remote control. And I also didn’t do them unaided, I used a machine and had it set to 135lbs, which I think is fairly close to an actual sit up. But who knows!

Anyway, for the past few weeks, my sit ups on cardio days have been all over the place. Some days, 70, others 80. I got to 90 last week, before collapsing in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Today, I got through 5 sets of 20 in under 5 mins. Like I said, no great achievement but it did give me a smile when I finally landed the last one.

I walked away from the machine feeling chuffed and knackered, and walking like someone who’d just lost a bout with Tyson. The two girls either side of me on the other ab machines gave each other looks like “is that guy dying?” as I was grunting through them. I always hated the grunters, but sometimes, you gots to grunt. It helps.

Anyway, I hope to get the 100 done in a shorter time, maybe 3 sets of 35 at some point. And eventually, 200 in about the same time.

Measurements, I still haven’t took them. Kinda scared to, maybe I will have had little succes. I know one thing…the scale never really moves. I am hoping it’s because of the massive amounts of solid muscle I am packing on, but that’s a big hope. More likely, I am hitting a wall again. But working through it is the only way.

One day, I will be back to 185lbs, the weight I was when I came to the states in 2001. I hope it happens in 2012!