A Bit About The Flabby Brit

I was born in 1974 in the north of England. And I lived in England until the grand old age of 26, at which time I moved to the states to marry the love of my life. I’m 5’11″ (and a little bit more…but not enough to be 6ft, arghh!) and I have never really had a huge problem with food. I was as skinny as a rake for the longest time. So much so, the sight of me in my underwear caused my dad to put a red beanie hat on my head and parade me around as “a match” in front of my family. Yes…still have issues with that one.

I started packing on the pounds in college. Ahh, beer. So good, so cheap, so full of bad calories. I went from a stealthy 5’11″ and 155lbs to a much more robust 175lbs in just 3 years. Roughly 7 pounds a year of pure fat, brought on by a steady diet of crappy food, too much beer, and no exercise at all. Hey, I had studying to do. And sleeping. And sometimes, more of one than the other.

Then I went to London to become an advertising man. The ad business in London is everything you’ve heard and more. A steady diet of bad food, late nights, weekends, endless free booze and no limits. Luckily, my metabolism was kind to me, and I managed to pack on just 10 more pound over the course of five years.

When I moved to America, bad cheap food became even more accessible. That, plus the stresses of being in a new marriage, and a little depression, helped me pack on even more weight. I kept it at 185-190 lbs for a few years, then it all went to pot. And in February of 2012, when my third child, a boy, was born, I weighed in at 220lbs. My heaviest ever. Sure, it had been 20 years since I last weighed 155lbs, and that was underweight, but now I was lugging around a big gut, losing my breath after one flight of stairs, and keeping myself happy with big bags of chips and imported British chocolate. Mmmm, Cadbury’s.

Change must come. And I am working at it every day.

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